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At Haultrax, we aspire to be mining productivity and technology partners to our clients. Our team works collaboratively with management and operational personnel to connect our business and operational knowledge and experience to our clients' business strategy. 
Automation & Technology

The Haultrax team specialises in providing business strategy and implementation services for surface mining automation technologies. 


Our direct operational experience in executing large scale autonomous haulage solutions (AHS) and autonomous drilling solutions (ADS) projects enables us to assist mining companies understand and prepare for the people, process and technology changes required to achieve the desired future state. 


Our mine automation and technology services include: 

1. Automation strategies for large surface mining companies.

2. AHS business cases for Tier 1 mining companies and emerging players.

3. Implementation and support of AHS and ADS to mining operations across various commodity groups.

4. In-pit safety and productivity initiatives through implementation of the technology and controlled processes to operating culture.

Safety & Productivity

As commodity prices soften, the mining industry is switching focus from high production to more efficient, low cost operations. Haultrax works with mining companies to identify load and haul efficiency improvement opportunities, develop solutions, and most importantly drive the implementation of improvement solutions to ensure productivity benefits are realised and sustained. 


Most importantly in our industry, Haultrax greatly values and has a strong committment to safety, having demonstrated improvements in safe operations and the safety culture of our clients in both Australia and South America. 


Haultrax operates two business functions with regard to safety and productivity:

1. Business strategy: transforming our clients' operations to 'future state mining', providing a roadmap to integrate new technology, people and process change. 

2. Technology implementation: embedding technology into the operating culture, ensuring achievement of sustainable change to the safety culture and performance. 

Haultrax technology implementation projects include:

  • Fleet Management

  • Asset Health Management

  • Excavator Payload Monitoring

  • Fatigue Management

  • Collision Avoidance

Systems & Applications

Haultrax aims to deliver optimised mining performance through increased productivity and safety with the aid of technology. Made up of mechatronic and mining engineers the Systems & Applications team have a great understanding of both technology and mining operations, and as such specialise in successful technology integration into mining. 


In addition to technology implementation, Haultrax systems and applications services include: 


1. Creation of smart tools

  • Customised reporting solutions

  • Providing visibility on productivity and safety data

  • Analysis of productivity and safety performance

  • Data management system integration

  • Custom data management systems


2. Mining performance improvement initiatives

  • Road maps for progressive implementation of technology solutions to improve mining performance

  • Developing suitable solutions for operational issues

  • Implementing productivity and effeciency initiatives for mining operations

  • Remote Decision Support Centre™ 

People & Change

People and change management are the constant focus of the Haultrax team, as successful process change does not exist without a change in the people's operating culture. 


As such, Haultrax recognises our clients' people as a crucial element of any process change; adopting and working with autonomous, productivity or safety technologies to achieve sustainable change. Haultrax embeds a change management strategy within each implementation project, seeking to optimise the understanding, acceptance and buy-in of people at all levels. 



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