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At Haultrax, we believe in challenging mining operational paradigms. Mining the way we ‘always have’ over the last decade has kept our industry in a state of productivity stagnation. Our aim is to achieve a more productive operating culture through working with your company’s people (skills and knowledge), processes and equipment.



Haultrax specialises in the area of mine automation and technology implementation for customers in the mining industry. Our personnel have extensive experience in surface mining automation projects; having planned, procured, deployed, managed and operated autonomous haulage and drilling operations for large-scale mining companies since 2008.


The Haultrax Global Headquarters is located in Brisbane, servicing the East Coast of Australia and the Americas. Our other office is located in Perth, servicing Western Australia, South-East Asia and Africa.


As a team, we pride ourselves on being mining, production and automation specialists, focusing on people and process changes to improve productivity, cost and safety.

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